How to get there

We are in the town of Izco (Navarre) in the heart of the Alaiz mountain range, an enclave with a mixture of coniferous, oak and beech forests in the mid-north of Navarre. Nearby are the Arbayún and Lumbier gorges, with their immense vertical walls inhabited by Golden Eagles, Griffon Vultures, Egyptian Vultures and Eagle Owls.

This diversity of landscapes allows the presence of a rich and abundant variety of birds throughout the year, with a multitude of species that will delight nature lovers and enthusiasts.

We also have a hide in the north of Navarre, on the banks of a stream near the Quinto Real beech forest, where you can enjoy the Kingfisher and the Dipper as well as numerous passerines that live in this area, where you can see species typical of the migration season.


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