Guided nature excursions

We organise excursions and guided tours for groups along different routes and in different environments in Navarre, where you can enjoy beech forests, oak groves, pastures, rivers, springs and mountains in the different seasons of the year.

Excursion to the Lumbier Gorge

A wonderful experience lived on October 29th in Hides Navarra with our friends Agata, Juan, Mayca, Asier, Rodolfo, Edurne, Alba, Adrián and Cristina who signed up for the two-day photographic workshop given by Egoitz Icaza. They went to Navarra to enjoy our hides, its gastronomy, its landscapes etc.

Two fruitful hide sessions where the Marsh Harriers, Griffon Vultures, Red Kites, Common Buzzards, Common Buzzards, Hawfinches, and a large number of migratory birds, delighted everyone. On Saturday afternoon, Fernando guided us on an excursion to the Foz de Lumbier. There he discovered for our friends all the secrets and stories that the Irati River holds, the old train tracks, its vegetation and its 200-meter walls of limestone rock millions of years old, between which the waters of this beautiful river flow. Accompanying them on the walk were Vultures, Choughs, Alpine Choughs, Royal Swifts, Sand martins, etc. They discovered the route of the old train called Irati, whose life began at the beginning of nineteen hundred and that passed through those places until its decline in the mid-twentieth century. It has been a magnificent and unforgettable experience that we have lived in this fantastic excursion.

We are still preparing new experiences in Hides Navarra. We will let you know about them. Thank you all for growing with us. We hope to see you again in this land of Navarra and its fantastic possibilities.

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